A community health worker treating a client with hypertension in Ouakam, Dakar, Senegal. Photo by Clément Tardif for IntraHealth International.

About the CARDIO4Cities Accelerator


A global partnership to improve urban cardiovascular population health.

The CARDIO4Cities Accelerator is a new global partnership launched by Novartis Foundation and IntraHealth International to globally replicate the proven results of the CARDIO4Cities approach to improving cardiovascular population health. Our goal is to expand from 3 cities to 30 cities in 3 years.

Cardiovascular disease is the world's leading cause of death—taking over 18 million lives per year. That’s why the Novartis Foundation and IntraHealth work with city authorities and other partners to co-design and implement data-driven responses to improve cardiovascular population health and narrow health inequities.

CARDIO in CARDIO4Cities Accelerator stands for C = improve quality of CARE, A = early ACCESS to health and care, R = REFORM policies with proven benefit, D = leverage DATA & DIGITAL technology, I = INTERSECTORAL collaboration, and O = Ensure local OWNERSHIP.

The Cardio4Cities Accelerator Approach: Care, Access, Reform, Data & Digital, Intersectoral, Ownership

The CARDIO4Cities approach has been validated in three early-adopter cities across three continents: Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia; Dakar, Senegal; and São Paulo, Brazil. In each city, we’ve helped authorities use the power of data to make better decisions for their health systems and populations, tap into emerging technology where appropriate, and inform investments into digital health solutions.

CARDIO4Cities improved blood pressure control rates by three times or more within just one to two years.

In all three cities, after just 1-2 years of implementation, the CARDIO4Cities approach dramatically improved control rates of hypertension—the prime risk factor for cardiovascular disease—at the population level and showed positive effects on stroke and coronary heart disease rates, as well. This increase in hypertension control has contributed to a reduction of up to 13% of strokes and 12% of heart attacks already during implementation.

Read the full CARDIO4Cities impact evaluation paper now.

Learn more about early-adopter cities Ulaanbaatar, Dakar, and São Paulo.

As a neutral broker between city governments, health experts, industry, implementing partners, funders, and investors, the CARDIO4Cities Accelerator urges the global community to dedicate action and funding to improving cardiovascular population health and equity. 

CARDIO4Cities founding partners: